Sunday, December 28, 2008

In Favor of the Kitties

In all the flurry of Christmas activity and searching for the perfect presents, we sometimes forget that the most basic joys of everyday life not only suffice but often exceed that very goal.

A little boy is surrounded by trucks and puzzles, fancy wrappings and pretty much anything he could possibly desire from the toy store. But what he found the most delight in, what brought the most smiles and squeals of excitement were our furry little kittens. There were so many moments I could have captured with the camera, but instead I watched as he laid his cheek against their soft heads and carried them around, usually two at a time.

In the New Year ahead, remember the joys in your own backyard and learn to find contentment there. Realize that you aren't "settling" for less than what you deserve but rather, truly appreciating the treasures that you already have.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Lori. It's SO true that the best gifts are things right under our noses, those precious life happenings which make us so happy. Love that precious picture of the little boy with the kitties. Forget all of the fancy-dancy gifts!!!! Let's just enjoy what is right in front of our eyes!!!!

TorAa said...

Fantastic capture