Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Well for Wishing

It was just after noon when we settled down for our daily chapter of Little House on the Prairie; little girls with pixie faces on either side of me, arms intertwined with mine and bright eyes studying my face as I read.

The Ingalls family, too, had just settled on the Kansas prairie, building a log cabin and stretching their wagon’s billowy canvas across the top for a temporary roof. Ma wished for a clothesline, Pa for a well.

“Do you girls know what a well is?” I asked.
“Oh yes!” came a ready reply. “It’s something that you throw money into to make a wish.”

“Well, yes,” I nodded. “People do that sometimes. But do you know what’s at the bottom of the well?”

An eager hand shot up on the other side of me as she smiled widely, “Wishes!”


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Lori----From the mouths of babes!!!! When you think about it, there are so many things we need to teach our kids and grandkids... They don't remember lots of things that we took for granted. Watching "Little House" is a good way to educate kids!!!!

Have a great day.

martie said...

What a sweet answer and a sweet memory. Thanks for sharing that.........it brought a smile to my face when I needed it today!

Hugs my friend!

Jamie Dawn said...

How cute! Kids say the darndest things.
Courtney was babysitting a two year old once, and she was asking him what sounds various animals make.
He said MOO for a cow and NAAAY for a horse.
When she asked him what a duck says, he said...

Kids make life a LOT more fun!

Happy New Year, Lori.

TorAa said...

Amazing story.

Like the kids can't believe the Milk in the sypermarkets actually are from Cows.

It's a good reminder how distant so many people are from reality and importance of nature