Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A birthday

She would have been 76 today. A vibrant woman who lived her life in full-capacity mode; never meeting a stranger, never forgetting a birthday. Full of opinions, spoke her mind. Loved music, sports, writing letters and travel. This is how I remember her: full of spunk and laughter, energy and life. And when the memories surround me and take me back to the years that we shared, I see this vision...imprinted so deeply within my heart.

Today was her birthday....and she should have been celebrating. We lost her ten years ago to an aggressive cancer that attacked her body and took her from us far too soon. The pain of that time is still so vivid, but I refuse to allow it to be my remembrance of her life and who she was.

I see the woman who accepted me completely into her heart when her son brought me home. I remember the woman who was so proud of me, who, having no daughters of her own, claimed me from the start. Memories of holidays and trips together, going to church and ballgames, teaching my children games at the kitchen table, talking and laughing, singing and dancing, embracing me...embracing life.

She stepped over the threshold into her new life, forever altering the path of mine. Her husband soon followed, taken also by the same horrible disease. But I picture them together, complete once again as they dance amongst the stars, laughter ringing and hearts open to each new arrival on the dance floor.

The years pass by and time marches on. But this will always be your day to me. Happy Birthday, Idolia. How I miss you...


McSwain said...

Sounds like a wonderful woman. And no doubt you'll get to see her again someday in heaven.

HeyJules said...

Laurel, I'm so sorry for your loss. Although many years go by it can still surprise us as to how "raw" the loss can be at times.

I think it's wonderful that you still remember her and count her as part of your family and I'm sure it means the world to your husband.

clew said...

Such beautiful memories, Lori. I love the way that you express your affection here, and the hole left in your world by her absence. I can feel how genuine the love was between you.

You were blessed to have known her, as she was to have known you. :)

clew said...

p.s. in case you dont get alerts, i left a comment on your old skunk post. somehow i missed it when it was new :)

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.... You were so fortunate to have an extended family in your inlaws; and to have seen them taken too soon is as devastating as losing one of your "own" family members too soon. Love knows no boundaries.