Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lunch Hour

Often during my lunch break I sit out in my car and read; freeing my head from the daily stresses that come to us all.

Today I finished my book so wrote a letter to my sister whose birthday is tomorrow. As I sat there with the windows rolled down, I looked and listened to everything around me: The playground beyond the fence where children's laughter echoes, beautiful, feathery clouds of early autumn, shiny buses lined up in pumpkin orange, and trees reveling in the crisp coolness. Everyday, commonplace things, yet beauty in the eye of this beholder.

Birds were chattering somewhere above me and the church bells began playing, "It is Well With My Soul", one of my favorite hymns.

Nothing extraordinary, nothing spectacular. Still, the peace and contentment of the moment filled me with its gentleness.

A touch of reality, a hug of simplicity. All is right with the world....and well with my soul.


srp said...

In Columbus, MS the bells in the 150 year old Methodist church still plays an old hymn at noon. I miss that in the city. During the Christmas season it chimes out a carol every hour. Always made me wish I could sit on the patio of my favorite restaurant, "The Back Door" and spend the day listening to the music.

McSwain said...

That is one of my favorite hymns, also. Have you ever heard the story of the circumstances under which it was written? Well worth the google, if you haven't!

Lori said...

srp - that sounds lovely...and familiar!

cheryl - YES...I have heard the story and isn't it absolutely amazing? That is one of the best examples of faith and perseverance...