Friday, September 16, 2005

Food for Thought

On my way home this evening, I passed by a church with a sign posted in its yard. It read: "If God is your co-pilot, maybe you should consider changing places."

Definitely something to think about....


Anonymous said...

That is a good one for me, I am the co-pilot.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Luarel . .

this quote appeals to me, as well. I suspect I need to bring him to the cockpit - He's sitting somewhere in economy, I think, tired of being ignored. Now I'm flying into a storm it's as-good-a-time as any to go get some help.

Be good!!

the (twerp . . , I mean) temp

srp said...

Our pastor spoke about this last Sunday. I had heard the saying before but never really thought much about the meaning. We are such control freaks with our lives. What beauty and joy we miss because we are too busy being the pilot.