Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Memories

There is a short window of time when our youth holds us still in a magical, colorful world of perfection. Everything holds wonder and enchantment, especially the holidays and most certainly, Christmas.

My children have always been close, and those moments were so often captured amidst the glow of a Christmas tree or surrounded by the trimmings of the season. I remember their gleeful laughter and the sparkle of anticipation in their faces at a time when everything was magical and yet, so simple.
How well I recall one cold, December night, the children snuggled in their jammies, when my neighbor called to tell me I should take the kids to the mall to see the castle. I bundled them up for the short ride, still pajama-clad, and watched as they absorbed the white, glittery world of Santa's kingdom.

If we want to truly capture the magic of this holiday season, we need only to observe it through the eyes of our children; a true reflection of the love - and the light - of Christmas.


martie said...

How very true, Lori. Everything is new and filled with magic when viewed through the eyes of the children. They help all of us to recapture the magic that was once held in our eyes!

srp said...

I can't seem to get very far into the Christmas spirit (except for the celebration of Christ's birth) of baking and decorating until Nyssa is home from college. Very soon now.

Pete Mitchell said...

I'm so glad you're making these seasonal posts. There seems to be an extraordinary amount of the Christmas blahs going around this year (myself included). We need reminding that despite all the commercialization and hype, Christmas is a simple holiday with a simple message of love and goodwill that is supposed to lift our spirits. You remind us that all we need to do is put the hype and pressure aside and just get back to basics.

clew said...

Hey Lori, I'm just about done with cards! How you doing there? :D

I echo Pete's post ... 100%