Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just a Trace

When I awoke this morning, I expected to find our home encapsulated in a winter wonderland. Forecasters spoke of a storm that would be moving into Kansas overnight, dropping anywhere from 4-6" of snow. Unlike our home in the city, out here the snow plows take their time getting up our road and a few inches of the white stuff is enough to shut us down for a couple of days. My husband stopped by the grocery store on his way out of town and my son's friend, who was spending the night, was forewarned that he might be stranded with us for more than just overnight.

When I crawled out of bed, the sky hung heavy in shades of gray and a mist had coated the ground with moisture. But no snow. My son was bitterly disappointed, as in true 13-year-old boy fashion, he loves snow. Once in awhile a few flurries would brush the sky, teasing us with their whimsical folly, but the grass remained brown as they floated away.

By the time we took our overnight guest home, the air was filled with large snowflakes. They fell fast in mad abandon, promising accumulation. In places there was enough to scoop for snowball fights and sledding down hills.

Driving down the gravel road leading back home we rolled down the windows, letting the snowflakes tickle our noses and breathing in that unmistakable scent of cleansing winter.

Though it soon stopped and could only be counted as a "trace", its peace and beauty captured my heart and was a lovely precursor for this Christmas week.


abcd said...

Thank you for all your support this year. Wishing you, and yours, a very Merry Christmas, and the very best in 2006.

Nikki and the sisters

Michael said...

Hey Lori:

We have had about 12 inches of the white stuff since early this week. Now we are experiencing below zero temps. I will post some pics on my blog later.


srp said...

We have rain. It would be nice to have just a trace to make the world pretty for a few hours here. I'm sure more will be headed your way. The last few batches were snow until about 50 miles west of here, then turned to rain. Have a blessed Christmas.

martie said...

Lori, we are getting snow today that they didn't predict. Shall I send some your way, I am really tired of all the snow so far this winter....all that lake effect snow can get to be a little much and we haven't even made it half way through the winter yet!

Mellissa said...

I always love the first snow. There is something magical about the silence that envelops and the hidden perfection that is in each tiny crystal.


FTS said...

Oh! I want snow! Next winter I'll have it, too. Denver or bust!

Thanks for stopping by! :)