Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Wishing my wonderful and handsome hubby a very Happy 45th Birthday! I have to tease him that no matter what, he'll always be older than me (by 10 months - ha!)


clew said...


I laughed at your older than me comment, Lori. My Hub is 6 years older than me and I tease him that I married him so I can stand next to him through life and always look young.

I don't think he finds that as humorous as I do. ;)

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your wonderful Husband! XOXOXO

srp said...

Hope the hubby had a happy birthday!
With you as his wife he couldn't help but be happy every day, right?

Bougie Black Boy said...

Both of you look 10 yrs younger. I need whatever you two are taking!

martie said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby and may he have many, many more birthdays to celebrate with you!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Lori,I know it's never too late to convey sincere wishes. So here's wishing a belated happy birthday to your handsome and good-hearted hubby and may he be blessed with many, many more birthdays to celebrate with you and family. May the light of Christ shine on you all as you continue to be a blessing to Him and others.