Monday, June 25, 2007

Capturing the Moment

Often when we take pictures, we're looking for that perfect pose; eyes gazing into the camera's lens...a perfect smile...that ever so slight tilt of the head...beautiful background, perfect lighting, subjects posed, centered, ready.

This particular photograph doesn't fit into that category, yet it captured a moment perfectly; my daughter's goofy and gleeful mood, my dear friend Cathy behind us as we stopped time for just an instant. We were enjoying this day, this time together with the wind in our hair and sun on our faces. It is a true snapshot of our lives as they really are: unposed, joyful, real.


KellyGirl said...

My friends and I were just talking about candid photos and they are the best!

cassie-b said...

What a great shot. I can feel the mood from here. You all look like you're having fun!

srp said...

What a fun picture! Nyssa is coming down from Williamsburg to help with the house closing and the beginning of the move. I must remember to take my camera to capture all the funny moments! Of course my brother, who is actually buying the house, will have to watch from Germany! I am happy, sad, nervous, panicked, everything rolled into one.

martie said...

Wow, it looks as if everyone is having such a great time! And that's what life is all were lucky to be able to capture it and freeze it in time!


Mike said...

my son is always making goofy in the moment faces....I love those pics...cause the capture what he is much better than a posed and formal pose.


Intern said...

Lori, well said!!!!
it is these unposed candid moments that really captures the essence of the moment!!! Forget technical flaws, these photos are so much more endearing.
Love this shot ... I can see a happy mom-daugher and a friend .. what else do you need!!! perfect!!!!

oregoncelticlady said...

Pure joy!!!!

Carmi said...

I love the joy of imperfection. Photography shouldn't be about staged, ideal images anyway. It shuold capture moments that represent life in all its supposedly flawed glory.

I can feel the spirit leaping off the screen on this one.

My apologies for being such a stranger of late. Transitioning out of my old job and into my much different new one has taken every spare moment I've got. I hope to regain some sense of time-balance in the near future. Thanks for not forgetting me!