Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The thistle is a common noxious weed that grows along the roadside and in pastures here in Kansas. It is an enemy to the farmer; a loathsome nuisance that taunts and sweeps across the prairie like a stickery green wildfire. Crop dusters fly low over grassy fence rows to stop the thistle before the wind scatters its seeds over the land; punctuating its words in mid sentence.

I know it's a weed, but on this particular night against the blush of dusk, I saw its beauty. Soft, feathery plumes were gilded in golden twilight as it rose above the earth in perfect proportions, the curtain of blue opening on its elegant entrance.

Loveliness comes in many forms. Ask any mother who has received a bouquet of dandelions from her child and she will tell you she prefers it over orchids. A card painstakingly made by a man in love far outweighs any Hallmark greeting. A watercolor created by little hands claims front row position over the best of paintings. It truly is all in the eye of the beholder.

Next time you're looking for beauty, look closer. Though the obvious may initially catch your eye, it is the unique and unassuming that will eventually capture your heart.


srp said...

I went through a box from the storage unit and found an old softball uniform, ballet bag and sweat shirt, a junior high cheerleading outfit and a pair of pink ballet slippers spray painted black for recital. It was a box of memories, I had to get rid of some, but I kept the best. Isn't that how it should be... lose the mediocre memories and bury the bad... but hang on to the good to sustain you.

The thistle is beautiful. Last year there were some growing behind the back fence... this year, not so much. The worst weed here is the bedstraw... it is running rampant!

alan said...

As you share the beauty you find around you, thank you for the warm spot in my heart from the photo below as well!

Stay dry!


martie said...

Truly the simple things in life are often the most beautiful, if we just take the time to look and appreciate them. Thanks for the lovely photos. Hugs

Martin said...

I like the photos, I think they are beautiful plants. Anyway, I often see beauty in the things that others might not.

I agree with you completely that something made from the heart are worth far more. I think that things have a soul given to them infused by the feelings of the creator, user, or giver, or a mixture of those. Something made with love and used and cherished has a soul, an essence of those feelings.

I might be rambling but I hope you get what I mean lol

Anonymous said...

Great post Lori, I love your eye in photo essays.

oregoncelticlady said...

Beauty is indeed everywhere if we open our minds!

Slone said...

One of my favorite possessions is a box that I keep cards from my wife,and kids and little things they have given me over the years. It's a Tide soap box that my two older boys made or me about eight years ago. They wraped it with green paper and glued a picture of their favorite wrestler on it and presented it to me for a Fathers day present. A gift from the heart that means more to me than they will ever know!