Saturday, June 16, 2007


Recently I walked the campus of a small college in Oklahoma. I delighted in the little alcoves tucked into out-of-way places, marveled at the art work carved in stone, and stepped up into the gazebo where I could look out over shiny red benches and the impressive clock tower.

But it was the magnolias that fascinated me the most. Planted sporadically throughout the front lawn, the trees were filled with blossoms, and having never seen them before, I was enchanted. The flowers were initially tucked up behind shiny green leaves but upon closer inspection I was thrilled to find blooms of ivory perfection.

Of all the inspiring and intriguing architecture, the beautiful paintings and sculptures, and the captivating words that move our souls, there is no artistry as breath-taking as nature. Every spring we are given life anew as a gift to savor and care for. How wonderful that we are the beneficiaries who can relish what's been given into our safekeeping. And how humbling to know we are the stewards who will pass it on so that others can take pleasure in its beauty.


srp said...

Where in Oklahoma? I graduated from Bethany Nazarene College in Bethany, Oklahoma just outside OKC. Now they call it Southern Nazarene University!

In Mississippi, the magnolia trees are like a calendar. They bloom the first week in May and then through June. Some of the old trees are over 150 years now and have trunks over six feet in diameter. The seed pods in the fall are as fascinating as the blooms with bright red "teeth-like" seeds on the pod surface in late September.

Lori said...

srp - sorry about the late reply!

It was NOC in Tonkawa. I went to Bethany College also, but in Kansas! Another commonality!