Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shining Your Light

"Hide not your talents;
for use they were made!
What's a sundial
in the shade?

Life is a risky business. There are no guarantees of how things will turn out or what we'll encounter along the way. Sometimes it's easier to hide; shrouding ourselves in shadows so we won't be exposed to rejection, disappointment, pain.

But life isn't meant to be lived that way. Each of us has talents and dreams; individual charms and bouquets of uniqueness that set us apart. We are meant to be seen and to see; to share and to give. By offering what we have to the world, we are able to come out of the shadows and into the light, illuminating not only ourselves, but our fellow man.

"This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine...!"


oregoncelticlady said...

Wonderful post! Sierra and I do a mean jazz duet of this Little Light of Mine!

I think you will like my new post!

Intern said...

Lovely post ... I am totally with you here ...
and a lovely song to go with it!

srp said...

What a duet of beauty! It is hard to imagine that Nyssa was a "rising senior" just four years ago. Now she is again... except in college! Your daughter has such an exciting and scary and wonderful and emotional year ahead... so do you! Can you tell there will be "mixed" emotions? It isn't the letting go that is so hard, it is the realization that she can actually make it on her own without you. But with the approaching college graduation I can stand back and see that God helped me do a good job with her and she is ready to take on her world. I already know that you have been a wonderful mother and this beauty is ready to spread her wings and soar!

Anonymous said...

Your blog has always been an inspriational read for me. Nice post. Have a great day!

martie said...

Very heart warming post! And oh so very true.......your daughter is truly beautiful...inside and outside! But she had a very good model and teacher! ♥

Martin said...

Very true! Shine, shine, shine :-)