Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Many days after the final school bell rings at 3:20, I change my shoes, pull on a T-shirt and clock-in for cleaning duty. Though it isn't my favorite way to pass those after school hours, it helps to bring in some much needed extra money.

Since we only have one family vehicle, we have to be creative and juggle our schedules so that everyone is where they need to be at any given time. Sometimes when I have to stay late, the kids take the car home so they can catch up on homework and do some chores. When I finish at the school, they either return to pick me up or I wait for my husband to come by on his way home from work.

Yesterday my daughter stayed after school for play practice and my son opted to drive home. I told him I would call the house after thirty minutes or so to make sure he had arrived safely. As is usual for most moms, I got busy with the routine.....and forgot to make the call. An hour later, I remembered and made my way down to the classroom for my cell phone. Noticing there was a voice mail from home, I listened to this message:

"Hey Mom... this is Dylan and I was just calling because you said you were going to call... and I guess you forgot or something...But I made it home all right and I was just letting you know. Bye."

He is 15 and still on a driver's permit so I do worry as his driving experience is limited and he has to go home to an empty house in the country. He knows this about me and was checking in to give his old Mom reassurance that everything was OK.

Consideration is an important thing and it takes just a moment to reassure someone you love - and who loves you - that all is well. Though I let the ball slip on my end this time, I'm glad that my son was caring enough to pick up the slack. Chances are I won't be the only woman in his life and he is well on his way to making sure that any heart close to him will always be safe in the harbor of his love.


Chad Oneil said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Lori ;)

oregoncelticlady said...

Hooray!!!! Another well raised man!!!! =)

(I didn't know there was a 15 year old guy on the planet that my mini-goddess doesn't know about *laugh*!!!!!)

John Doe 33 said...

Having only one family vehicle must be very tough! Sometimes I think I need 2 cars just for myself. Well maybe not, but I can't imagine sharing a vehicle even with just my daughter.

That's great that your son did that. I am finally getting my daughter to think like that. She finds that I am much less worried and easier to deal with.

alan said...

May it be an easy winter then, so you have less to worry about!

Though I would like a hard enough freeze to eliminate some of these critters that insist on gnawing on me everytime I set foot outside!