Thursday, October 04, 2007

Valued Friendship

How quickly fly the days...

Back in 1995 my son was enchanted with this little girl. She was the same age as my daughter and came home from kindergarten with us each day to a world of stuffed animals, art and Barbies. She was like our own; another child to fill our home with laughter and our hearts with love. A friendship developed instantly, not just between the girls but with this little boy and his second 'sister'. Having no brothers of her own, she adopted him without question and so began a journey through the years.

Twelve years later they are different.....they are the same, with a bond that has endured despite a separation of miles. Where once they shared each day, now months slip by without a meeting. Still, there is connection. Though apart, they've continued to grow together in mind and spirit as they share such a similarity in intelligence and sense of humor.

How rich they are today. Not only do they have a history of childhood days filled with sweetness and laughter, but they've spun golden threads to create a friendship that has lasted - and will last - throughout the years.


alan said...

Those are the rarest of things in this world; he is so very lucky!

As am I to have you stop by on occasion! You have so very much going on in your world; I am privileged to stop by here and share it...


Mike said...

I have a childhood friend like that. We went to school together from kindergarden to 7th grade and shared all classes together. I still keep in contact with her all those years later. We are older and have gone seperate ways...but we do have those simple and sweet moments of childhood that we share.

I find it one of the best gifts in life I could have. Someone that knew me way back when. :-)

Michael said...

Thank you for making me think of friends I haven't seen in a long time (smile)!

martie said...

How wonderful for all involved! My childhood friends only consist of my sisters now......but they are very good friends to have!

I see being gone from home, I have missed a few posts! How nice to have memories of past Octobers spent with holding 'warm little hands'.

Thanks for being a friend that I can always tresure!