Friday, October 19, 2007

Theatre Crazy

Last night some of the members from our play cast boarded a mini-bus, along with their director, her husband and myself. We traveled to a nearby college that was presenting a colorful play filled with wonderful costumes, sets and music. Being from a tiny, rural community, this was the first of this type of art form for some of them. They were thrilled, to say the least and it was such a joy to watch their eyes light up as the curtain rose on the stage.

Though sometimes dealing with a handful of teenagers can be a bit much, they were wonderful. Not a sound was made during the production as they watched the characters dance to the wonderful music of Gershwin, and an energy filled them as they took home memories of tap shoes on wood, charming young men and pretty girls.

My friend, Shelly drove the bus and as we both are big fans of musicals and the theatre, we were excited to have a night to revel in an all-too-rare moment of magic.

Here's to friends, music and laughter...and to our own debut in the weeks ahead.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Thanks so much for your kind words to me. I always appreciate your visits.

Your daughter is so beautiful ;)

Salty said...

Its always great to build good memories with good friends and pick up a few snapshots to remember the good times by.

My wife has not started a blog. She wanted to be able to drop comments as she visits our blogger friends so we set her up with a profile. If you ever want to respond to her you can with a comment on Country Captures, it really is "our" blog as we do everything together.

KMF said...

nice shots

oregoncelticlady said...

What a fabulous evening!!! Music and friends...the best combination! My daughter and I are going to Riverdance in January...can't wait!!!

martie said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. And I always enjoy spending time with children and teens........I find them all special!


alan said...


Live on stage no less!

What a treat for anyone!