Saturday, March 15, 2008

On Her Way

My daughter is 9 minutes away from being "home". I have been tracking her flight and will breathe a sign of relief when I see "landed" come across my computer screen.

She has been in New York City for the past few days; a fairy tale trip she has anticipated for two years with her NHS group from high school. Even though I wanted to call her throughout the week, I held back except to inquire if she arrived safely and to check flight numbers and schedules. But I did get an unexpected call yesterday.

"Mom....guess where I am? We're taking a carriage ride through Central Park!" She went on to describe the sights of the city, how much she loved it there and how Broadway was "Amazing!" I am so thrilled that she got this opportunity, and imagine I will see somewhat of a different young lady when she arrives back home this evening.

I've missed her so....but I know this is just the first step in beginning to let go as new adventures and chapters take her to different places. As it should be, but nevertheless, hard for a Mama to untie those strings and watch her fly away.

Footnote: The plane has landed. And another page added to an already lovely scrapbook...


Lilli & Nevada said...

Glad that the plane landed, and she is home now.

McSwain said...

What a great experience. This post made me a bit teary-eyed, as it brought back so many emotions of my first trip back East alone(Boston at 18), what it's going to feel like when my son goes on adventures without me... all that good stuff. I feel your excitement and the bittersweet all rolled into one.

John said...

It's hard and rewarding all at the same time. In the span of three weeks I have had all 3 of my kids go on an 'adventure'. My daughter went to Hawaii for spring break (much time spent on my knees for that one), my 16 year-old spent a week in D.C. at a Nat'l Young Leaders Conference (with no one he knew), and my 14 year-old spent this past week at the state Capitol as a page for his state representative. The scope of possibility is so huge and yet the parent in me wants to hold tight to the strings just a little while longer.

I empathize with you in a big way here!

Daryl E said...

Ah so glad she's home safe & sound .. cant wait to hear how you like the pix she took ..

Pato & Pearl said...

i was blog hopping for Photohunt and had landed on yours. Well I hope your daughter take lots of pictures in NY. We are planning to go there next month..(fingers crossed)..can't wait.

By the way, I took some time to read yur other post and I've enjoyed them. thanks for sharing..;)

Pearl - have a good weekend

Jamie Dawn said...

My daughter is 19, almost 20, so I know all those feelings about untying strings. We moms always feel compelled to protect our babies, even long after their baby stage is passed.

quilly said...

Brief. Heart-felt. Your post bought tears to my eyes.

What an exciting -- yet sad -- time.
May the new relationship time forges between the two of you be even deeper, richer and more full-filling than the one you already share.

CrazyCath said...

My son is 18 and I can empathise totally. You articulate your feelings very well. I don't know if I have your restraint re contact in this world of text messaging!
Glad she is home safe. What an adventure! Lucky girl.