Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thinking prom

Today we picked up my daughter's dress for her school's upcoming prom. The very memorable and unique boutique where we shopped has a tradition of taking a Polaroid snapshot of each girl and her dress before she leaves, always posing her just 'so'.

I watched as my daughter held back, giving the floor to the girls who demand attention and want an audience; the kind of girls whose fanfare and drama more than likely continues long after they leave the shop. I see her quiet and unassuming beauty - a girl who doesn't see it when people stare because they notice the something "different" about her. But I see it. And I always have.

Though there's nothing wrong in getting dolled up and making the most of what shines on the outside, it is the inner beauty that tells the story of what true loveliness is really about.


McSwain said...

Wow, Lori--look how gorgeous she is! And you're right, that inner beauty lights up the outer, and the combination is something else. If she's anything like her mom, she's probably got brains and grace that outshine even those good looks.

Look out, world!

Jeni said...

Unassuming beauty perhaps? She is very attractive in that dress -just the stance alone says she "carries" herself well.

Daryl E said...

What a beautiful young woman .. the inner her that shines through is what makes her so lovely.

On the shallow side I would die to own that dress . and look half that good in it .. yowza!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well what i see is how beautiful she is on the outside and from what little i have read about you i can't imagine that her beauty is just as good on the inside.

Jamie Dawn said...

She's a beauty, and I'm sure her inner beauty eclipses her outer beauty. You have every reason to be proud of your lovely daughter.
I hope she enjoys the prom!!