Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This photograph - taken in 1993 - is one of my favorites, not only because two of the dearest people in my life are in it, but because of "the touch". We are all physically connected in this picture: my son's hand on my foot, my arm leaning against my daughter, hers draped over my leg, fingers resting on a baby's shoulder, his little elbow on his sister's shin...and it makes me smile, remembering the soft touch of bygone days.

Some pictures need little narration.
This is simply a keepsake from a long ago moment, captured in a heart that has stood still.


martie said...

Oh, I love this photo. Such a loving moment captured forever to view and captured forever in our heart and mind! You are blessed!


Jeni said...

Just proves that saying "A picture is worth 1,000 words."
I had pictures taken by a photographer, one of those deals where the photographer came into your home and took the pics, when my youngest was just a baby, probably only about 5 or 6 months old I guess now, my son was 3 and the older daughter 9. It was also one of those deals that you got one 8x10 for $1.99 -anything you ordered after that though, they really counted on your being bowled over by the photos, ya know. The day they brought the proofs around, I HAD to work and my Mom was babysitting so she selected the picture and she could be tough as nails about spending money foolishly (her thoughts there about purchasing oodles of photos)so she made the selection of which photo to take at the "on special" price. Dealing with her no doubt caused a lot of chagrin to the photographer, I bet. Anyway, when that one picture arrived, it was absolutely beautiful. The older daughter was holding her baby sister and her brother was kneeling behind her, with one hand on her shoulder and all three children, dressed in their Sunday best, were all smiles. JUst a really beautiful photo. Sadly, years later the picture was damaged because moisture got inside the frame and I have no idea the name of the studio that did those pictures to see if I could possibly get another picture to replace the one damaged, as I would love to have that picture today, it was so beautiful. One of those "picture perfect" type things you know. Your photo here is one of those that just really tug at your heartstrings just as that one of my three was for me.

Mike said...

very simple. but powerfull