Sunday, March 23, 2008

Opening Hearts

Last fall my daughter and I were in the alleyway of a nearby town, looking for unusual backdrops for pictures.

It was dirty and gray and several stray cats were scouring through dumpsters looking for food. My daughter, with her soft spot for furry felines immediately stuck her hand out, trying to befriend the bedraggled and lost.

Some of them came right up to her, hungry for the human touch and a kind word. Others cowered from her good intentions and scurried away, frightened of the unknown; their fear more powerful than their hunger.

How much we are like those alley cats. Sometimes we welcome the embrace of others, opening our hearts to a friendly face. Other times we shrink away, afraid to open the door to the unknown.

On this Easter Day, may we remember that the door is always open to the heart of God, and that He is waiting patiently for us to step through and trust in the Love that He gives to us all.


Lance said...

A cat just as this saved my life so many years ago during ahouse fire. I had reached out to offer shelter and food, he reached back and woke me up moments before my house would be filled with fire. I can feel that connection through this post. Thank you, it warms my heart to see you and your family share the desire to comfort.

Daryl E said...

Happy Easter .. I wish someone would rescue those strays and get them neutered and good homes .. its so sad to see them trying to survive on garbage ..

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great post, and that is one reason i have 10 cats. I can't take anymore.
Mine are all fixed

Slone said...

3 years ago I had just got home when my kids ran up to me with 2 little kittens in their arms. "Daddy, their mommie died, can we keep them?" I hate cats!
Three years later, My cats, Catapult and Hotdog, are as much part of the family as those kids are! I'm still not a cat person, but I do love those two that I have!

I often have to remind myself after doing another dumb thing, that God still loves me!

Thats what it's all about!

I hope you and your family had a great Easter!


martie said...

What lovely photos to go with the lovely words in this Easter post. You are a rare find, Lori, thank you for being my friend!


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Looks like some "Frady Cats" for sure.

Jamie Dawn said...

Wonderful photos!
Great message!!

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with family togetherness, food, and laughter... and chocolate.