Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thoughts from my youth

Anyone who knows me well knows that I led a very charmed life in my early years. Though money was tight, my home was always filled with warmth and love. I had little experience with pain, struggle, or loss.

While looking through a poetry book given to me by a high school friend, I found a paper I wrote as an assignment in Analogy back in those tender, innocent years. Though I like to think my writing has improved over time, I found those words from my youth interesting and pretty much on target regarding how we live our lives. If you have the patience and on!

A person's life is like a book. There are many people in the world today and every one of them is different, just as the books in our homes and libraries have a different title and story to tell.
Each new life has a beginning; a fresh start with a whole future ahead. You can't start life at age twenty, just as you can't start reading a book in its middle. You must begin on page one and go from there. There are many chapters in the book of life, each with something new and different to learn...and they all must be lived. Some will be happy and memorable and some will be sad and painful, but they are each a part of it for they help us grow. One cannot go back and rewrite or leave out a chapter, just as he cannot go back in time and change things that have happened.
A book is sure to be torn as long as it passes through the hands of readers, and though the tear can be fixed, it's not quite the same. This, too, is true in life. One is bound to get hurt while he is living, and though that pain can be patched, there will always be a scar. Nevertheless, one cannot throw his life aside and just stop living because of a hurtful experience. It would be as foolish as throwing away a book that has a tear on one page.
An author usually writes a book for his own pleasure, but he still wants others to read and enjoy it, too. How unhappy he would be if no one did! One's life is also meant to be shared. How badly we would feel if no one wanted to listen . A life has to be shared to get any joy from it, just as a book must be shared between an author and his readers.
As time goes on and life goes by, one ages and with age comes the signs that tell us we're not that young person anymore. Hair grays and the skin becomes wrinkled like the worn cover and yellowed pages of a book. But though the exterior may be aged and worn, the inside holds that special something that can never lose it meaning, nor every grow old.
Then comes a time in life when the pages left are few. The book that once had its beginning must now come to an end. Sometimes one may look back and feel that he has not put his all into his book of life. But if he looks back and sees a lifetime with pages filled with love and happiness, then he can close his book with contentment, knowing he has written well.

May your chapters be many...and the pages that you written well.


John said...

Wow! You knew your stuff even back then.

"Nevertheless, one cannot throw his life aside and just stop living because of a hurtful experience. It would be as foolish as throwing away a book that has a tear on one page."...that is very insightful thinking.

You obviously have had a knack for writing from your heart since your youth.

John-Michael said...
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John-Michael said...

Some familiarity with and comfort in your previous posts, insured that "inclination" was not a concern. Nor did my reading of this article by the earlier edition of 'You' require any exercise in "patience."

What I did experience, however, was an increased appreciation (in this fuller knowledge) of your Person, from a lovely perspective of the blossoming of your Character.

Thank you for this sweet moment with a more complete knowledge of You.

oregoncelticlady said...

Beautiful writing and three gorgeous, lovely young women in the picture! I LOVE it here on your page!!!

martie said...

You have given us, your readers, a gift of yourself, a glimpse into who you were and who you are yet to be! Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of writing with us.

Hugs, my friend and thank you for this friendship!

McSwain said...

You were an old soul, even then.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Nice yellow jacket ;)
I like how it pops in the photo.

Pato & Pearl said...

this is so heartwarming... ;)