Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Alphabetically Me

Who I am and what I love.... in 26 letters:

A - Andrea, affectionate, artistic, animated, Autumn
B - books, Bed & Breakfast Inns, barefoot, bicycling, birthdays, Beverly, blessings
C - compassionate, candles, cuddly, camera, caring, castles, content, creative,
communication, country girl, chocolate, children, Christmas
D - Dylan, deep-thinking, different, down-to-earth, determined, direction, day-trips, diverse,
daughter, dreams, devoted, dancing, daisies
E - ethical, earnest, evergreen fragrance
F - family, friends, fireplaces, fair, friend, fun-loving, feminine, feeling, flying, freckles,
G - grounded, glorious sunsets, goofy, gardens, gazebos, giving, Galveston, genuine
H - honesty, helping, hugs, Halloween fun, holding hands, hardware stores, hazel eyes,
harvest moons, hopes, harvest, harmony
I - idealistic, imaginative, ice cream, Italian food
J - James, joy-filled, John Deere, jeans, Jim Brickman
K - kind, knitting, kites, kissing
L - Lesly, Libra, laughing, level-headed, loving, lady, library, love notes, loveliness,
letters, Lori
M - Megan, mother, Methodist, musicals, Mexican food, music, memories, myself
N - nature, neighbor, night-owl
O - objective, October, original
P - picnics, patient, photography, partnership, positive, protective, priorities, perceptive,
poetry, planes, pretty dresses, porch swings
Q - quiet, quality
R - romance, responsible, reading, rain showers, rare, rocking chairs, real
S - sensitive, solitude, singing, sentimental, surprises, sweet-tooth, sunshine, serious,
silly, sharing, sweaters, smiles, Salina, simple pleasures, sister
T - Tammy, tea, twilight, touching, tender, Thomas Kinkade, treasured moments, teacher
U - unique, unbeatable, understanding
V - vanilla fragrance, Victorian, vulnerable
W - writing, walks, warm, wife, weddings, wheatfields, witty, will not settle
X - x-tra kind people
Y - youthful, yard work
Z - zany, zero tolerance of the superficial


sabbath day's journey said...

What a great idea this was! Enjoyed reading your list. I feel like I know you better already!


Lori said...

Thanks, Michele. I appreciate your comments! A quick way to get to know a little about a person...