Thursday, July 28, 2005

Laughing out Loud

Yesterday I took my daughter and son into the city to do some shopping. As usual, the car was filled with chatter about various things when I remembered a story that my husband had shared with me about a recent experience at a local restaurant. I'm not sure that in its written telling I could do it justice, but I proceeded to share it with the kids as we drove down the road. I got into the middle of it and got so tickled that I couldn't stop laughing. Eyes welled with tears, chest tight with the feeling of overflowing hysteria, I could very well have been a road hazard. Thankfully, there was little traffic or I would have felt obligated to pull over.

Laughing out loud and hysterically. You know that feeling. When something hits you just right (often at the most embarrassing times) and you are completely and willingly out of control with the most joyous of emotions. Blurred vision, stomach aching, unable to sit upright...and when you have gained composure, that wonderful feeling of release. For that moment, everything is perfect and right and possible and the world is on track.

Tap into your funny bone. Excavate your wit. Laugh out loud.

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