Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I love the television show, "Ambush Makeover" on ABC. Usually the word, "ambush" carries a negative connotation: "to lie in wait", "a surprise attack", "to lurk". Lurk? How creepy is that? But in this show, an unsuspecting person is surprised on the street and taken away for the day for a positive change: a new hair style, make-up, clothing. But it's not so much about the physical changes as it is about what takes place within. At the end, when the person is revealed to themselves in a full-length mirror, there is new confidence, a change of expression, a genuine smile. After a day of being cared for there is a bounce in their step, a light in their hopes, renewal.

How nice that out of no where, someone steps in with a new opportunity, disguised as an ambush....and gives you the gift of yourself.

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