Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Letting Go

Today I watched as my teenage daughter drove out of our driveway and down the road for the first time. It's excruciating, wanting to be beside her, to protect her from the hazards of the world that lay outside of our front yard. She is just six miles away, in town at a school practice...but it feels like a thousand.
You never get over being a parent. There never comes a time when you say, "OK...no worries now." Whether they're taking their first steps, walking in the door of their kindergarten classroom......or driving down the road and away from your sheltering arms. I know I have to let her go; let her spread her wings, make her mistakes, reach for her dreams. But while I'm doing that, I'll still wait anxiously by the window....until I see her safely home again.


Mellissa said...


My neice, Amanda just got her learner's permit and I can't believe it is almost time to turn her loose on the roads!! I can well imagine how you feel.

I am sure, however, your daughter is thrilled at the thought of a little freedom. Remember when we were that age? Those car key's meant the whole world had just opened up - and there were our mothers - glued to the window....waiting.

Great post!


Lori said...

I know what you mean. I remember when I would get home from a ballgame, etc...my mother would always be waiting in her chair. She'd be reading and I know, must have been tired as she has always been a morning person. I would feel guilty for making her wait, but always had a "perfectly logical explanation" of why I was late!