Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Cross

"On a Hill Far Away...stood an Old Rugged Cross..."

It stands alone at the edge of a pasture at the bottom of a small hill, tall and proud, its arms holding up a barbed fence with sunflowers growing close by. Most days when I drive by, I look at it: the skyline behind it, the lighting, the bird perched on one arm. But sometimes in my haste to get to where I'm going, I forget it is there.
Sometimes life is like that. We think of God. We see Him in our day. We stop....we pray....we see the beauty He has given us. We remember the thorns that Jesus bore, like the barbed wired upon this cross. But other days we're in a hurry....and we forget.
Today is a new beginning. A new opportunity to fall on your knees in thanksgiving. A new chance to ask for forgiveness. A new day to seek God's help and grace. For even on the days when we are running to meet that next deadline, make that morning meeting, attend an evening ballgame....even on those days, those moments that we forget, God is waiting with arms outstretched to give - and receive - our love.


Susie said...

Lori, thanks for visiting me. This is a beautiful post and an excellent reminder to take with me on my trip. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post and the picture very much.

Lori said...

Thank you both.

shannon said...

Another wonderful picture ... and beautiful post.

You have a very nice blog, Lori. I'll be back! :)