Friday, July 27, 2007

18 today...

My Beautiful Daughter,

I like to think of you as "Mine", but you truly are your own person....and what a beautiful young lady you have become!

I can't begin to tell you how very dear you are to me and how proud I am to be your mother. You have been such a joy to me, such a blessing with your sweet and gentle ways. Not only are you lovely on the outside, but your spirit is lovely as well. You are strong in your values and what you believe, and you shine from the inside out. How could anyone not love you?

I remember well these first steps you took and how excited you were in your accomplishment. Soon you will be stepping away from me and entering a new and wonderful chapter of your life. I know that you will take that step with grace, just as you have done everything else in your life.

Never forget how special you are, nor the important place you hold in our family and in our hearts. You are one of the greatest gifts I have been given, and I cherish each day that we get to share.

May this year be filled with love and joy for you, and may the happiness that you bring to those who love you be returned tenfold to you this day. Always know that I'm here, and that I love you so very much. Happy Birthday!


Joy said...

I'm sure for you it feels like it was only yesterday when you first held her in your arms. I have not had the privilege yet of giving life to another, but I sure look forward to it when the day comes.

Many happy returns to your daughter, and may all your wishes for her come true.

The Goddess In You

martie said...

Oh Lori, is it possible to introduce your lovely daughter to my wonderful granson, Steve?

What a bittersweet day this must be for you. Remembering how small and needy she was to the lovely young woman who is about to begin writing new chapters in her book.

Happy Birthday to her and a multitude of hugs to you!

alan said...

The Happiest of Birthdays to your beautiful daughter, and may you take pride in having raised someone so wonderful!


McSwain said...

Wow, I bet that happened fast! The loveliness inside really shines through in her smile. :) What a joy she must be!

Photo Buffet said...

Our kids grow up much too fast, don't they?
What a big day in the life of our daughter. I see my daughter now as such a beautiful wife and mother, it hardly seems possible that she's in her thirties. Time doesn't stand still. I know you'll treasure the years ahead.

Photo Buffet said...

p.s. Of course you knew I meant "your daughter" instead of "our." I'm typing with a hand brace on each hand - a perfect setup for typos.

HAR said...

I have two little girls. This post touched me deeply.
It looks as if you did a wonderful job and raised a beautiful girl. Kudos to both of you. I only hope I am as fortunate.

Intern said...

Lovely images and beautifully wtitten letter....So wonderful to bring the toddler stage photo ... I'm sure your daughter will live up to your expectations ... She's gorgeous! Love this post!!!!

Intern said...

ohh and Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Chad Oneil said...

Beautiful young lady.

clew said...

Aww, Lori - Incrediboy will be 4 soon and already I've been thinking of these things you reflect on today. I'm so excited to see him grow and discover, and so sad to leave the things of babyhood and toddlerhood behind us. They came and went so fast.

If I havent told you lately, I'm so grateful that the blogging world brought us into each others' lives. You touch and inspire me more than you know!

BTW, Martie's not just a gushing grandma ... I know Steve and he is indeed a handsome and wonderful guy! :)

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter xxxooo