Sunday, July 22, 2007

On Golden Pond

I love evenings like these where the western horizon is bathed in soft pastels and the world becomes a smooth silhouette.

Twilight has always been my favorite time of day. As a young girl I would call my mother to the window to see the magic transpiring as daytime turned to dusk.

Last night was no exception. After a busy day we spent time at our neighbor's pond and watched as enchantment filled the air. Hues of pinks, oranges, purples, blues mixed among wispy white and spilled out over the water. The kids fished among falling rays and stilled reflection, catching and releasing little crappie and bass.

With the cicadas familiar serenade came a peaceful contentment of feeling grounded, centered, lovely, at home. There's no better way to punctuate the day than among people you love on an evening gilded in gold.


Mike said...

wow....just like a painting! Very nice!

Intern said...

Both the shots are AWESOME!!!! you captured the beautiful moment perfectly. Lovely commentary to go with them.

Lori, I greatly appreciate your encouraging comments .. and I also read your comment on my write-up on "Street Photography". Thanks for your good words.

I think you are a fantastic photographer, who conveys a lot of emotions in your images.

martie said...

Once again you have captured nature so vividly that you have made me homesick for a place I've never been! How do you do it, girl?


Chad Oneil said...

Very nice.

I've fished for "Crappies and bass" before with my Dad in Pennsylvania. It was cool that you mentioned those fish.

McSwain said...

Beautiful! The picture of your daughter is so amazing--it almost looks as if she's standing in front of a painted backdrop.

God is quite an artist, isn't He?

Bernie Kasper said...

Very nice images and story Lori, been in that situation just the other day, took my son and his friend fishing at sunset I just sat and watched the joy and wonder of the boys as they lived life without a care. I didn't even take my camera out the bag, I didn't think I could capture the moment.

Chad Oneil said...

That lake shot still looks great!

Thanks so much for your encouragement on my latest topic, I appreciate what you said.

clew said...

*Sigh* :)

I need to remember simple joys like this. Thank you, my friend!

Martin said...

Lovely sunset and photo too :-)

alan said...

Someday you need to gather some of these gorgeous photos and enter some contests with them, you truly do!