Monday, July 30, 2007

Close Comfort

This is a poignant photograph capturing a memory of my childhood; a childhood that sometimes seems so distant that it's more like a wonderful storybook that I read long ago, and other times so vivid I can still see, smell, feel all the things that were happening in the moment.

Here my four siblings and I are snuggled together in my parents' bed (and no, we didn't really sleep that way)! I love all the white: the five of us in our cozy pajamas and wrapped in white chenille. My oldest sister must have been about 10 in this picture...and I was the baby. My little brother would come along three years later.

Forty-five years have passed since this photograph from 1962, but in my mind's eye we are still young and vibrant with our lives before us, secure in the comfort of one another and dreams for the future in our pocket.


cassie-b said...

What nice memories! And what a great picture!

I have one brother, and he isn't social with anyone in the family. I feel bad about that and try to fix it at times, but it never really works.

Mike said...

I love pics like these. Funny thing about me...and probably you...we remember these moments about as well as what went on just yesterday! :-)


Carmi said...

I often think back to moments from my childhood, and I am amazed at how vividly they play in my now-adult mind. It's as if I can flip back in time and see it, even feel it. It's a glorious capability, and you have reminded me why childhood memories are so precious.

Just beautiful. Thanks!

Chad Oneil said...

Good post, I enjoyed it.

...You should go see a movie this weekend ;)

intern said...

Your posts are so lovely.....this is such a great post and the shot is beautiful ... Family albums are big treasures. thanks for sharing.

KellyGirl said...

absolutely sweet!

alan said...

Beautiful photo and sentiments, but you know, you are still vibrant; so very very much so!