Sunday, July 08, 2007

Post 4th

One of the things I love most about children is their positive outlook. I never remember a 4th of July like this year's: torrential rain that fell like wet gray sheets from an angry sky. It looked like our traditional family gathering was going to take place inside. Fireworks would be nonexistent.

But after the initial downpour and amid the sprinkles, the kids gathered in an exhilarated group to wade through the new stream that had formed
in the yard, finding a new Independence celebration!

And as luck would have it, the heavy rain
dissipated enough for us to have our firework show afterall. Donning rain jackets and blankets, we sat among the lightning bugs and "ooed and ahhed" as each rocket burst into color. Laughs were shared beneath the spattering of rain drops and cameras posed in the air as we tried to get just the right shot.

Morning Glories were lit as we formed a circle and sang "God Bless America", and we were thankful to once again come together to celebrate our glorious nation, our freedom and the family that we are so thankful to be part of.

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srp said...

How bad were the floods in your area? That "stream" looks a bit scary... the water is so forceful and so destructive... but isn't that how everything is really. That which brings us life, grows our food... the rain, the sun, the wind... in excess, destroys.

I have noticed that more and more people are doing bigger fire works with small groups of family and friends, rather than fighting the crowds to see the large extravaganzas. When I was a child, I found wonder in the small sparklers on the fourth... this year there seemed to be little pockets of bright flower bursts of red, blue and white all around as I drove back from working at the new house.