Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Seattle Sent

My nephew flew to Kansas from Seattle the end of June to spend a month here while my brother and his wife toured Europe, performing with their church. Though he spent the majority of his time at my sister's house, we were fortunate to have him here with us for a couple of days.

Living so far away, he rarely has a chance to see his cousins. But as is true with people who are close at heart, he lost no time in getting reacquainted and blending in with his Kansas connections.

It was fun to watch the kids as they laughed and made up for all the lost time, filling in the empty spaces with new memories that will last a lifetime.

Tomorrow we will see him off at the airport and watch as he steps away from us once again. Perhaps the next time we see him he'll be taller with a young man's voice and point of view.

It will be interesting to see who he becomes. But whoever that is we will always embrace him as one of of our own and remember the little boy that used to be.

"Be not dismayed at Good-bye's. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again."


alan said...

Such beautiful posts while I've been going and coming; past, present and future!

My return to visit you has made a lump rise in my chest; you are so very special!


Chad Oneil said...

Looks like everyone had fun.

...I'm glad you're enjoying my Disney posts.