Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Lighter Side

The new year started out a bit sobering with winter storms, illnesses and the death of a friend. Looking back through pictures of the beautiful Christmas holiday I decided to forego the darker mood accompanying today's drizzly weather and post a couple of pictures from the lighter side.

Our little guy was here for a couple of days over the holidays and captured our hearts anew. He is growing quickly and each time we see him he brings something new and fun for our memory's keeping.

Following a big dinner, his auntie swung him high on her shoulders, parading around the house with him at bird's eye view. The jaunt proved a bit much for the little fellow....for within a minute his dinner made a second appearance down her pretty brunette head! I snapped this picture as Grandpa rescued both......and mama's look at the side of the photo is priceless!


Mike said...

oops....I recall the same thing happening to my dark hair!


martie said...

Oh, you captured not just the photo, but the feeling as well. This is great.....love it!