Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Fun

There's no secret about it: weekends go by much too quickly. It seems like we're all celebrating on Friday afternoon and the next thing we know, it's Monday again.

This two-day hiatus was filled with shopping for my daughter's upcoming trip to New York, regional basketball games, sleet and baking.

As always, the kids found time for friends, both on the road and at home. When freezing rain fell mostly on the roads and driveways, they enjoyed sliding on the frozen surface, some staying out longer than others in the frigid air.

Extra sugar cookie dough was brought out from the freezer and made into a 'pizza' whose
looks left a bit to be desired, but whose taste was 'supreme'!

There's always laughter in our home when the kids are around and they keep my heart young and alive.

May your Monday bring sunshine and warmth. If not in temperature, then from the joy of having a new week before you.

Happy days ahead!


martie said...

Looks as if everyone had a good time...........ahhh to be young again. But you're right, having them around does keep one younger! We are expecting a big storm for Monday night and all day Tuesday and then again on Thursday and Friday. But I am confident that spring will arrive eventually and I am thankful that GOd allows me to awake every day to see whatever the weather will bring that day!

Hugs my friend, and once again, your photos are great!

McSwain said...

Looks like great fun! I want to visit you someday. :) Can we bake cookies?

John-Michael said...

You are soooo right! That is one pathetic looking pizza! Which makes the photo with the guys even more fun.

Golly! I enjoy hangin' with your bunch ... thank you for sharing all of it. (You know, of course, that your spirit is what makes that environment possible ... well done!)

Lori said...

Martie - Maybe the storm will skirt around you and you'll miss the brunt of it. Just remember..spring is just a few weeks away now!

Cheryl - We'd love to have you and 'the boy' visit! And cookie baking is always an option!

John-Michael - Yeah..if that was a real pizza, I'm not sure I'd partake! But since it was a giant sugar cookie, it was hard to resist! Thanks for the kind words.

Daryl E said...

Ohhh .. looks good ...

And the weather here is supposed to get nasty .. snow, sleet .. if daughter is headed toward NYC make sure she packs/dresses for the mess!

Daryl E said...

so I clicked the complete profile to get the email and it said NO WAY ... you can reach me at

Sandy said...

Found you through Daryl E -- what a lovely blog. Really like the music.

Ame said...

I was thinking the same thing Sunday evening ... days and weeks pass so quickly anymore that hours can hardly be counted before they've come and gone :)

You have incredibly beautiful children ... and I love the cookie pizza :).