Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still Winter

More snow is on the way. Though it's been a long cold winter, I have to admit each time we get a new blast of wintry air and snow, it brings beauty to the landscape.

Here's to warm blankets, a good book and a toast to the ground hog. Even though he gave us an extra six weeks, we'll appreciate spring when it finally arrives.

Happy Weekend!


martie said...

we certainly will appreciate spring when it finally makes it's appearance..........but I have to admit, the winter wonderland has been beautiful even if unfavorably navagiable!

Hugs, Lori!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Lori, thank you for the kind, generous comment on my Sunday Roast interview with Stacy.

I've never had the chance to photograph a snowscape .... maybe one day!

John-Michael said...

From One who has always lived in a land where primary students are shown dried old leaves of amazing colours and told "this is what happens to the leaves in far-away places where they have something called winter." Florida may be a beacon of respite to others, but I am enchanted with that idea of... what is it again?... oh yeah, SEASONS.

Mike said...

looks very familiar!